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  • 🇨🇭 Once You Know is in Switzerland 🇨🇭

    We are happy to announce the Once You Know release in French-speaking Switzerland!
    Dear Friends, see you in theaters on November 9th! The film will be shown at :
    - Cinéma Minimum in Neufchâtel
    - Cinéma CDD in Geneva
    - Zinéma Lausanne
    Some screenings will be accompanied by a post-screening animation! We invite you to get more information on your cinema's webpage.

    More about Once You Know
  • Mue magazine, our press partner

    Another stakeholder in co-building tomorrow’s world through inspiring and practical initiatives, the bi-monthly magazine Mue choses to support Roots to resilience by sharing one of many levers outlined in their themed issues.

    From issue #4 Papilles! came the action Creating outreach grocery shop, as part of the ANDES initiative which over the past 20 years has developed a network of 460 grocery stores, providing low income families with healthy and diverse food. Thanks to Mue, we can now all start a local outreach grocery project.

    More about ANDES
  • Need a gift? Limited-edition posters and soundtracks

    Supporting artists created limited-edition posters of Once you know and the original score composer designed an exclusive soundtrack as well as a podcast on the film. To support us and create awareness around the film, treat yourself to hand crafted, sustainable prints using risography or to an exclusive digital soundtrack.

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  • Once you know now in Switzerland and Belgium

    This heartbreaking documentary is out in Swiss and Belgian film theatres in the fall 2022. In both countries, we need support to organise screenings, facilitate live forums, localise the actions and organisations in the tree and last but not least, to spread the news. Invite your network to follow the film and its online community. Thank you for your support!

    Join the adventure
  • Facilitation changes everything!

    If you couldn’t make it to one of the screening events, enjoy the public’s reactions at Saint-Michel, Paris during this October 2021 screening. And if you’re still curious about it, you can access the full event here facilitated by Brianne Parquier with Emmanuel Cappellin, Anne-Marie Sangla and Jean-Marc Jancovici!

    Watch the teaser
  • VOD and DVD release

    You want to see Once you know at home? The film is available On Demand (VOD) from February 28 2022. You can access it on Vimeo or on the French website AlloCiné. Here is the release Emmanuel Cappellin's announcement. Once you’ve seen the film, you can head to this guided discussion: it aims to put the film's message into perspective. The DVD was released in May 2022. Follow the movie on Facebook to keep yourself up to date!

    Page of the film

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